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Thought for the Week


Last week I had the opportunity to spend some time in St. Ives, Cornwall, enjoying the good weather and the picturesque scenery. This week the area of St. Ives will host some far more prestigious visitors as the G7 Summit is held at the Carbis Bay hotel.

Topics for discussion include leading the global recovery from COVID-19 and strengthening resilience against future pandemics, championing free and fair trade, tackling climate change, and preserving the planet’s biodiversity.

All these are important topics, but can any agreements be reached? Will lasting decisions be made? Only time will tell.

Christians in Cornwall are taking the opportunity to encourage people around the world to unite in prayer, sending a positive message of hope and guidance to the world’s leaders. They are praying for protection; for unity, peace, and harmony among nations; for the leaders themselves in the decisions they must make.

Does prayer work? There are many testimonies that affirm that prayer does make a difference, why not try it yourself and see.
Kind regards,
Barry Robinson