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Sermons from 2017-2018
Speaker Title Description
Russel Arnold  Galatians Galatians 3 to 6
March 3rd 2017  
Russel Arnold  Suffering Suffering
Sept 2nd 2017
Gary Glenister  Easter The Resurrection
April 15th 2017  
Gary Glenister  Pentecost The Meaning of Pentecost
June 3rd 2017  
Gary Glenister  Prayer Prayer Explained
July 1st 2017  
Gary Glenister  Joy Fruits of the Spirit - Joy
September 30th 2017  
Gary Glenister  Remembrance Remembrance Sermon
November 11th 2017  
Gary Glenister  Advent The Incarnation
December 23rd 2017  
Gary Glenister  The Trinity The Trinity and Perichoresis
February 2nd 2018  
Gary Glenister  Easter Good Friday and Easter
March 31st 2018  
Gary Glenister  Grace Grace and Ephesians
September 1st 2018  
Gary Glenister  Joshua and the Covenant Joshua and the renewal of the Covenant
October 13th 2018  
Gary Glenister  Ephesians 2 God is Grace
November 11th 2018  NEW
Brian Hickson  Dark before the Dawn It is usually darkest before the dawn
January 21st 2017
Brian Hickson  Refuse to hate Refuse to hate   
March 4th 2017
Brian Hickson  From the East Why was the entrance to the Temple in the East   
March 4th 2017
Brian Hickson  Abraham Abraham's Faith and Trust   
June 4th 2017
Brian Hickson  Decent People Who is really behind human atrocities   
February 10th 2018
Hugh Jenkins  God's Supremacy God is Supreme over Satan
Apr 22nd 2017
Hugh Jenkins  The Gospel The Gospel is Grace
May 20th 2017
Hugh Jenkins  Forgiveness God's Forgiveness
Aug 26th 2017
Hugh Jenkins  Coping Coping with the Stress of Modern Life
October 7th 2017
Hugh Jenkins  Encouragement Encouragement
November 25th 2017
Hugh Jenkins  Grace The importance of Grace
February 24th 2018
Richard Milligan  Where we're at Where we are in God's Plan
Sept 9th 2017
Richard Milligan  Luther Luther's Five Solae and Evangelical Belief
October 10th 2017
Richard Milligan  Cosmology And Incarnation Cosmology And Incarnation
December 18th 2017
Richard Milligan  Christ Christ is the Answer
December 30th 2017
Richard Milligan  Mind and Spirit Mind and Spirit
February 17th 2018
Richard Milligan   The Message of Easter Easter
March 17th 2018
Richard Milligan   The parable of the sower Luke 8
April 21st 2018
Richard Milligan  The Fullness of What Christ Accomplished Christ's Whole Atonement
May 26th 2018
Richard Milligan  High Priest Christ our High Priest
June 30th 2018
Richard Milligan  Holiness What exactly is Holiness?
September 9th 2018
Richard Milligan  Sanctification and Glorification What is Sactification and Glorification?
September 29th 2018
Richard Milligan  Grace Grace and good works
October 06th 2018
Thomas Harper  Our Forgiveness How does Christ's death save us?
February 4th 2017
Thomas Harper  Trials of Life Understanding and coping with trials
March 25th 2017 
Thomas Harper  Palm Sunday How the Passover points to Christ's Crucifiction
April 8th 2017 
Thomas Harper  Ascension Christ's Ascension to Heaven
May 27th 2017 
Thomas Harper  Forgiveness Forgiving and the Christian Life
August 5th 2017
Thomas Harper  Mt. Sinai Where is Mount Sinai?
September 16th 2017
Thomas Harper  Trials Understanding Trials
November 18th 2017
Thomas Harper  Three Covenants Understanding the Three most Important Covenents in the Bible
January 13th 2018
Thomas Harper  The Universe The Beginning and End of the Universe
March 10th 2018
Thomas Harper  Angels 2 The appearance and role of angels Part 2
August 18th 2018
Thomas Harper  Angels 3 The role of angels in our salvation Part 3
October 20th 2018
Thomas Harper  Psalms as Prophecy The Messiah in the Psalms
November 24th 2018 NEW
Tony Goudie  The Love of God The Love of God
May 13th 2017 
Gareth Williams  Gareth's Testimony The Power of God's Grace
July 30th 2017
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